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lundi 13 juillet 2015

New Horizons Pluto Flyby

This graphic presents a view of Pluto and Charon as they would appear if placed slightly above Earth's surface and viewed from a great distance. Recent measurements obtained by New Horizons indicate that Pluto has a diameter of 2370 km, 18.5% that of Earth's, while Charon has a diameter of 1208 km, 9.5% that of Earth's.

samedi 4 juillet 2015

Cinnamon, vitamins and minerals to balance the hormones and metabolism and lose weight

A weight loss supplement latest generation starring the fragrant cinnamon, as a nutrient that contains useful substances to give a boost to the metabolism slowed: several studies have shown that a teaspoon of cinnamon added to food can increase the rate of metabolism of more than 20 times .

Besides having excellent antiseptic properties - eliminates fungi, viruses and bacteria - in fact cinnamon helps the body fight the metabolic syndrome, especially when it comes to burning carbohydrates and fats. The metabolic syndrome is manifested precisely through the increase in the amount of fat, insulin, the raising of the pressure and cholesterol, all symptoms associated with both metabolism problems.

In addition to cinnamon, also substances such as carnitine, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins and other micronutrients help regulate the hormones that govern appetite control and regulate the sense of hunger.

The major problem of the diets in fact is to have constantly hungry and want to eat processed carbohydrates, leading to weight gain; This desire is not physiological but derived from hormonal imbalances and bad habits.

An efficient body would naturally be more inclined to want nutritious food and helpful and it's pretty interesting to see how the desire for refined carbohydrates decreases naturally when your metabolism is placed.

dimanche 7 juin 2015

Halitosis, the ideal diet and the right foods to fight it

To prevent halitosis and combat it, it is advisable to follow a balanced and healthy diet, favoring the consumption of whole grains, easily digestible protein (eg eggs and fresh fish of small size), fruit and vegetables in season.

When halitosis is due to excessive stomach acid should be careful, however, to limit the consumption of fruit, which could ferment, contributing, in this way, to the disorder.

Also among the rewards, however, they are very helpful in keeping food fresh breath; strawberries, for example, contain xylitol, a substance that helps prevent the formation of dental plaque. The raw apples, however, eliminate from the mouth components which confer an unpleasant odor to the breath, such as, for example, the allyl sulfur.

A natural remedy, simple and effective way to fight bad breath is to chew a few leaves of fresh peppermint; take a plant on the balcony can be therefore a practical idea-saving breath.

Obviously, regardless of diet, if you do not care oral hygiene you can not fight halitosis. Besides keeping always clean the teeth and, more generally, the oral cavity, it is important periodically to travel to the dentist for a more thorough cleaning and for a control that excludes the presence of caries.

Garlic and halitosis

Garlic, you know, is not conducive to a good breath smell and in fact we have just mentioned among the foods that can cause halitosis.

Garlic, however, is very healthy and it would be a shame to exclude completely from the diet because of its bad smell.

So what? It should combine the right foods. It has indeed been observed that lemonade, green tea, mint, parsley and, in general, foods rich in polyphenols help to neutralize the odor; contain, in fact, enzymes capable of accelerating the breaking of the sulfur compounds that underlie it.

Halitosis, foods to avoid

Bad breath is an annoying disturbance, which can embarrass and affect your social life. Let's see how to fight bad breath with the diet and the right foods.

Bad breath is a disorder more common than you think; about half the people who suffer, at least periodically, in a more or less marked.

If bad breath is not pathological, that is, when it is secondary to a disease, much can be done with proper oral hygiene and with the right diet.

Halitosis, which exclude food from the diet

The main causes of halitosis are transient improper oral hygiene and the consumption of foods that favor it.

Have a negative effect on the odor of the breath all the foods that weigh down digestion:

   > White sugar, sweets and sugary drinks;
   > Red meat, smoked, and bagged;
   > Excess milk and aged cheeses or very tasty;
   > All products too refined;
   > Fries.

Other foods that can cause bad breath are garlic, onion, leek and spices.

To combat halitosis is advisable to limit greatly the consumption of coffee and alcohol, including wine and beer.

One of the common causes of halitosis is cigarette smoking; therefore, those who want to have a fresh breath should not smoke.

vendredi 5 juin 2015

Exercises to combat cellulite

Practical exercises of gymnastics to combat cellulite and straight to find the serenity and not succumb to the stress acting on the very state of inflammation. From squats to walk up to breathing and hydration.

To combat cellulite does not get any better than physical activity.

Here then is the advice with practical exercises cellulite.

Practical exercises against cellulite
The first exercise for cellulite is incredibly simple and effective: walking, also a favorite activity from the brain, as well as the cardiovascular system. Putting one foot after the other, pushing well, using all roulade of the foot favors the pumping of blood.

Yes exercises natural load combined with the use of strength machines or free weights. It takes light loads and repetitions must be functional training, not exaggerated or overly taxing on the muscles. The objective is that of a workout intended to increase of lean body mass and a stimulation of the metabolism.

This means that, once they leave the weight room, you must devote aerobic activity of moderate intensity, to encourage the disposal of lactic acid, microcirculation and tissue oxygenation.

For those who love to ride a bike or do spinning, careful spending too much time on the bike to avoid compromising the circulation to the buttocks, one of the body regions most affected by blemishing.

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Gymnastic exercises of the spirit for cellulite
It seems absurd, and yet, in addition to suggesting exercises per se, it also takes a depth of exercises that are useful for the spirit. The first, by far is rest. Yes aerobic activity and working out with weights and gear, yes to long walks, but also give yourself time to rest, maybe with the legs upwards. Other spiritual exercise of great importance: breathe. See if your breath is short. Stretch it, to love yourself and your tissues.

Also drinking. When the thirst is felt, we really thirsty for some time. A liter and a half a day is the minimum amount of water to be taken, perhaps without food order not to dilute the digestive juices, allow good diuresis and optimal elimination of toxins.

Finally: automassaggiarsi. It is a wonderful way to learn about themselves and give themselves a chance to see real progress, progress. Warm your hands by rubbing them together and dedicate the precious minutes just for yourself, you are with your skin. Try to always massage from the bottom up to help the blood flow and in areas corresponding to the main lymph nodes, be mild and resolved together.

The three exercises who fight cellulite

1- Squat

Noto anche come accosciata o rear squat, a corpo libero o con bilanciere. Andrebbe eseguito senza proiettare le ginocchia in avanti, specie se lo si sta eseguendo con il bilanciere. Il busto non si inclina eccessivamente in avanti e non si inarca la cervicale.
Le ginocchia non vanno portate all'interno. Non pensate alle ginocchia, ma pensate al bacino e ai glutei che devono essere proiettati indietro, quasi si volesse raggiungere la posizione seduta.

2- Leg press Horizontal

It is performed in a sitting position on the machine, with knees bent and feet flat on the platform. Back and the back of the buttocks are in contact with the backrest. Slowly bend your legs up to the maximum permitted point, with the quads of nearly bust. It goes, therefore, the footrest to its initial position. After a moment of muscle contraction back down again.
This exercise allows you to work on the entire quadriceps muscle acting on the medial-wide internal and externally and the rectus femoris. The group of secondary muscles involved: the buttocks and back of the thighs (hamstrings).

3- lunges

What are the side, front, in advance or reverse, it is important to know how to perform with the right breathing. You can then move on to lunges with the barbell or dumbbells. The most common are those fronts. It starts from the standing position and the legs together, toes pointing forward, hands on hips. A bust and back stop, it takes a step forward with the right leg and held at 45 °.
Simultaneously he flexes the left knee almost touches the ground. From there, lifting the heel off the ground, ridatevi the momentum to return to the starting position. The exercise should be concentrated on the rear leg to tone the buttocks. Every day do three sets of 10 lunges for each leg.

jeudi 4 juin 2015

Exotic fruits for an energy load

Exotic fruits, curious and colorful, is coming more and more to be part of our diet. Let us see the characteristics of 9 exotic fruits, with their properties and uses

The exotic fruit, food and debated rather curious, is coming more and more to be part of our diet.

With the arrival of summer increases the consumption of fresh fruit, as well as the desire to do the full of energy and hydration thanks to the valuable elements it contains.

We can enrich our tables with fresh colorful fruits, often extravagant forms and unique taste, like mango, coconut, avocado, papaya, dates, pithaya, guava, mangustin, passion fruit (or passion fruit, passion fruit and granadilla).

It can be eaten both fresh and natural, as they are, but also as an accompaniment to original desserts or salads; become tempting in savory version, in sauces, such as guacamole, salads or vegetables with rice, especially Thai rice or basmati rice.

Nor should we forget the versatility of some exotic fruits in the preparation of delicious main courses also jumped, become superlatives in recipes with veg dishes like tofu or seitan.

The important thing is always the sustainability and the control of origin, to be sure to bring benefits to their countries of origin and be assured of healthy growth, so beneficial to the health of the organism.

Let's find out the virtues of the exotic fruit, a true energy load.

mardi 2 juin 2015

Foods That Curb Cholesterol

Not all cholesterol is unhealthy. We associate the word cholesterol with choked arteries, strokes, and heart attacks, but this is not true. There is good cholesterol, and then, there is bad cholesterol.

Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL is the 'bad' cholesterol. High Density Lipoprotein or HDL is the 'good' cholesterol. Now, what does the good cholesterol do? HDL is produced by the liver and certain other cells in the body and aids the production of certain hormones and cell membranes, thus ensuring the proper functioning of our body.

Certain food products lower LDL levels, and you can incorporate them into your weight loss diet plan. A very important food in this regard is oatmeal, which is a fat soluble fiber that curbs the accumulation of LDL and helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol in our blood stream.

People who take whole grains and oats regularly have thinner artery walls than those who don't. The thickening of artery walls leads to conditions like high blood pressure and heart/circulatory problems, and so, consuming oatmeal is highly recommended to prevent such health complications. Other food items that contain these fat soluble fibers are kidney beans, apples, pears, and barley.

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce LDL and increase HDL cholesterol levels. They also lower blood pressure and reduce triglyceride levels. Such fatty acids are found in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, and halibut. However, make sure you eat grilled or baked fish rather than their fried counterparts, as frying them will only add unhealthy fat to your diet.

Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, etc. contain monosaturated and polysaturated fats which lower LDL cholesterol levels. They should be taken in moderation because they are also high in calories. You can use them to replace cheese or meat products.

Walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and help protect the heart. Nuts contain Omega 3 fats and are rich in anti oxidants. These are known to reverse the damage caused by saturated fats.

Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants and protects us from diabetes and heart diseases. It is healthier as compared to other vegetable oils. There are various categories of olive oil; the best ones are extra virgin olive oils, because they are less processed and hence contain more antioxidants.

There are a number of fruits that also fight LDL cholesterol. Blueberries contain pterostilbene, which helps lower LDL without any side effects. The fat in avocados is healthy and unsaturated and thus increases HDL levels. Grape juice lowers LDL cholesterol oxidation. Pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, and apples too have been proven to help fight bad cholesterol.

Nowadays, we can get fruits that have been fortified with sterols or stanols which are formed naturally in plants. These help prevent cholesterol absorption in the body; however, they should be consumed only by people with high LDL levels.

If you eat the right foods, you will experience better health and an increased level of fitness. In certain cases, eating healthy also reverses the damage caused by the thickening of artery walls.

Article Source: EzineArticles 
By Christopher R. Edwards

samedi 30 mai 2015

5 Ways To Get The Best Use Out Of Your Home Treadmill

The #1 fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won’t use it.

You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days…and then it sits…and waits.

A few months down the road, you notice how dusty it has become and how much space it’s taking up. And you remember how much weight you were determined to lose by using it faithfully every day. But now, unfortunately, it doubles as a clothes rack.

Never fear. This article will help you make sure that DOESN’T happen.

A treadmill provides the best overall cardiovascular workout & it’s still the number one exercise machine for those who want to lose weight. So it’s an investment in your health that will pay large dividends…if you are prepared to get the maximum benefit from it!

Here are 5 easy ways to get the BEST use from your home treadmill:

#1) Do your research first
Make sure you look at what each treadmill offers you and compare it to your unique needs.
For example, if you live in a condo and/or like things neat and clean, a folding treadmill might suit you best. If you want a folding treadmill, do you prefer a manual folding treadmill (like most folding treadmills) or do you want a shock-assisted folding treadmill with wheels on the bottom that’s easy to move?

If you like to drink water during your workout, make sure there’s a water bottle holder included in the treadmill console (it might surprise you how many treadmills do not have this feature.)
Do you get bored easily and need a challenge? What about getting a treadmill with lots of user programs or one that is iFit compatible? 

These things may seem little and maybe it might cost you a bit more; but if it means you’re actually going to enjoy your workout it will be well worth it!

#2) Place the treadmill in a ‘happy’ spot.
By ‘happy’ I mean well-lit, open and stimulating. Don’t put it so you face the bare wall when you walk or run. I’ve tried this this and the workouts don’t last long! If you get bored easily, put it facing the television or facing a window where you can have an attractive view while working out.

Rooms and spaces have definite ‘feels’ to them and that will affect the success of your workouts. Make sure your treadmill is placed in an area that makes you feel energized, happy and mentally stimulated.

#3) Get your exercise arsenal ready BEFORE the treadmill arrives.
Do you like listening to fast music when you exercise? Do you like watching your favorite movies? What about reading magazines? What inspires you to work out and feel your best?

Get these things ready even before your treadmill arrives and you’ll be three-quarters of the way there. Have several workout or favorite CD’s around. Get your favorite movies or shows on tape. Gather your favorite magazines.

By having an ‘exercise’ stash around your treadmill, you’ll be inspired to workout AND you won’t be stuck running around looking for something to do when you want to start exercising.

Again, this may seem simple, but it works. Why do you think gyms have magazines, televisions and CD players handy?

#4) Make an exercise plan.
Before you start working out, try making a plan, a “roadmap to your rock-hard body” so to speak. By writing down how long and what kind of workout you’ll be doing in week 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, you’ll get yourself psyched up for success.

Remember that every time you workout, you are planting the seeds for the kind of dream body that you want.

By having a plan, you can see just how many seeds you’ve planted (and even how long it will take to start reaping the results!) Have fun with it and you’ll be motivated to achieve your health goals (and get maximum benefits from your treadmill!)

#5) Track your progress
Ok this is related to #4 but it’s more of an ongoing thing. By tracking your progress every day, you get a major sense of accomplishment which snowballs into even greater fat-burning results.

I suggest you have ‘minimum goals’ like “I’ll walk for at least 10 minutes.” or “I’ll do 5-30 second intervals.” These are easy to do and you’ll probably go beyond them – which will encourage you even further and heighten your sense of accomplishment.

And of course, you’re also getting maximum benefit from your treadmill!

Those are 5 ways to get best use from your home treadmill. Just remember that even a little bit of preparation will pay off large dividends in the long run.